On June 21, 2018, the United States Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota V. Wayfair that on-line and other remote, out-of-state sellers can be required to collect state and local sales tax in those states where the seller does not have a physical presence but where they sell and deliver their products and services. Because of this we will no longer be able to serve anyone outside of Pennsylvania. Sorry to our Loyal customers.


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Maselli's Country Candles

What customers have to say
Assorted Candles 2 Pack 32 oz. Jars Black Cherry, Pumpkin Pie,  Extra Large 32 oz Canning Jar  US made, Paraffin Wax; Zinc Core Wick Burn Time Up To 200 Hours Each
I took a chance and bought this candle combination. They both smell awesome! You can't beat the price.. ...»
Gardenia White Extra Large 32 Ounce Quart Canning Jar Scented Jar Candle With A Single Wick Made In USA Paraffin Wax; Zinc Core Wick; Glass Jar Burn Time Up To 200 Hours
extremely well packaged and I was also sent a free gift (it was a larger order). They have a very "country" look in their Ball jars, and look and smell just lovely. My only complaint is that there is a sticker with a UPC code on each one, which doesn't compliment the look and is difficult to remove. Stickers on glass items are always a nuisance. .. ...»
Customer Feedback...
«...the scent is a-MAZING & carries throughout the house...but doesn't overdo...so far it has NOT burned down at all & I've had lit several times...truly "a find"!»


Product Review:
«I am pretty much obsessed with scented candles. I love incense, too, but candles don't make my room all smokey. I don't get to use my scented candles that often, since my husband hates all things scented. That being said, I get spoil myse ...»

Alexia ...

Customer Feedback...
«Will buy more soon! Love the way these make closets smell»


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